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Maymont Virginia is a Great Place for Families and Children

Maymont Virginia

Maymont Virginia is located near downtown Richmond and is a 100-acre estate that features beautiful gardens, the Maymont Mansion, and a nature center. Parking is available at two entrances, the first of which is closest to the gardens and nature center. If you need a restroom or to grab a quick snack, the nature center is the best place to go.

The park is home to native animals of Virginia. Among them are bald eagles, black bears, foxes, white-tailed deer, and American bison. There are also exhibits dedicated to aquatic animals, including Canada geese and various species of snakes.

The Maymont Foundation is responsible for maintaining and running the park. Recently, it received an $8 million federal grant to promote tourism to the area. This grant will support marketing campaigns and business technical assistance, and will also help improve the park’s infrastructure. In return, the foundation will match the federal funds with $2 million from local sources.

Maymont Virginia is a wonderful place for families and children to visit. Its 100 acres of lawn is beautifully landscaped with gardens that have been carefully tended. It also features an arboretum with 200 species of trees from six continents. The estate was once privately owned, but Major James Dooley and his wife Sallie May Dooley donated it to the city for the public’s enjoyment. 

The Maymont estate and gardens are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from March to September. There are no special hours on Mondays, but the grounds and nature center are open every day. Children can participate in events like Toddler Time and Maymont Explorers. Visitors should note that the grounds are open for longer hours than the indoor exhibits, and the park is a great place to bring young children.

The Japanese Garden at Maymont is a popular spot for outdoor weddings. It is composed of several different style gardens, including a koi pond and a large pond. Earth Design designed the new garden in 1978. The redesigned garden is considered a stroll garden, which allows guests to appreciate the changing effects of nature on the property.

If you have the time, take a tour of the estate. The grounds include the beautiful Robins Mansion and the Gilded Age exhibit. You’ll discover beautiful furniture and art works. The grounds also feature an extensive collection of antique carriages. A national and state champion tree collection is also featured. There are also many animal habitats, including farm animals, giant aquariums, and a Japanese garden.

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